the citi of our joys

Somewhere in the sway of the walk;

In the recklessness of laughter;

not forgotten

vividly in proper times

The way October grows

like a plant steady on water


And fine minerals

Is the way a song takes pace

often on a hike,

to all the abandoned places

forbidden spaces

And may we later say

of how the toungue understands



Looking back

When sometimes I smell the dust-with you,
In the crevices that we created in each other
And in the tunnels that discovered us…I fall intoxicated
of the deep flesh on which we clawed and slashed
I dig for treasured bones- with you
Searching for cravings
habits ; that once had us
sphere=d in our own universe

When sometimes I read words- with you
of old poems full of metaphors
of short tales packed with memories that glued our parts together
I bold letters -with you..
In stories that tore too deep into us,
that threaded our pinkies together
Letters that called you and I an ‘us’

But pray
Forgive me
Forgive my love
Forgive my lust
For when sometimes I dream of heaven- it is you

Within Wretched

I could dive in,

to those  empty eyes,fully ,completely

with the danger of losing myself in them

of getting lost in your forest

of not being able crawl back out

But how can I not?

look into the depth of your soul

dare to be at the center of your iris

want to feel your wretchedness

I want to know the glisten in your tears

I want to dare

to know who you are

and who I could be, lost in your vastness